Revolutionize Home Cleaning Limits: Introduce Brand New FLOOR ONE Stretch S6
Revolutionize Home Cleaning Limits: Introduce Brand New FLOOR ONE Stretch S6



With the release of the FLOOR ONE Stretch S6, innovation has taken center stage in the home cleaning industry. This state-of-the-art wet-dry vacuum cleaner redefines cleaning effectiveness and convenience limits. The FLOOR ONE Stretch S6 is a precision-engineered device with cutting-edge technologies that will transform your cleaning routine. 

Imagine a vacuum cleaner that can easily reach every nook and cranny by lying flat to a position of 180 degrees. With the help of its HyperStretch Technology, the FLOOR ONE Stretch S6 can smoothly slide under furniture and rest flat. Even in difficult circumstances, its three-chamber filthy water separation mechanism guarantees uncompromised cleaning power.

Improved cleaning flexibility solutions make maneuvering a smooth experience, and FlashDry's self-cleaning technology makes maintenance a joy. With the FLOOR ONE Stretch S6, where efficiency and innovation meet, get ready to experience a new era in home cleaning.



Revolutionary Cleaning Accessibility


FLOOR ONE Stretch S6 is a home cleaning tool that combines innovation and usefulness. The revolutionary HyperStretch Technology, an engineering marvel that allows for a 180° lay-flat feature and entirely redefines cleaning accessibility, is at the core of its design. Imagine reaching under furniture, squeezing into confined places, and removing concealed dust with unprecedented ease. 

No more difficulties in moving around chair legs, sliding under low-slung couches, and reaching those hard-to-reach places under beds that frequently gather dust and dirt thanks to the Stretch S6's ability to recline fully. It's the best option for reaching areas that are challenging to clean with conventional instruments.

The Stretch S6 makes tedious cleaning chores quick and effective, from slickly removing crumbs from behind the couch to going under low cabinets. Bid farewell to the aggravating aspects that are inaccessible, and welcome to a living area that is spotless and cleaner. With the Stretch S6's revolutionary HyperStretch 180° lay-flat feature, your everyday cleaning routine can be done more efficiently and quickly.




Enhanced Cleaning


The powerhouse FLOOR ONE Stretch S6 has several helpful features that will make cleaning more accessible. 

First, the Enhanced Flexibility solution guarantees smooth movement in all directions. With its small assisting wheels and repositioned clean water tank, it takes less effort to move the brush roller around to clean all the hard-to-reach corners. Furthermore, its 45° swivel design makes navigating even in confined areas simple, guaranteeing that no corner is missed.

In addition, the Stretch S6 has a cutting-edge 3-Chamber Dirty Water Separation technology. This cutting-edge technology effectively separates sediments, liquids, and air, protecting the motor from any harm, in contrast to typical floor cleaners. This feature ensures that every cleaning session is thorough and productive because the Stretch S6 retains its full cleaning power even when lying flat. 

Combined, these bolstering features take the FLOOR ONE Stretch S6 to new heights and establish a new benchmark for superiority in home cleaning.


Effortless Self-Cleaning


Presenting the FLOOR ONE Stretch S6's groundbreaking FlashDry Self-cleaning feature, which goes above and beyond standard maintenance procedures, offering a smooth way to maintain the best possible performance out of your floor washer. 

The Stretch S6's FlashDry Self-cleaning feature starts a thorough two-step cleaning procedure. First, it uses 158°F fresh water to effectively remove tough stains and thoroughly clean the brush roller and tube, eliminating the need for manual scrubbing. You can ensure complete cleanliness and save time and effort by using this hands-free maintenance method.

Next, the vacuum's enclosed base design makes it possible to quickly dry each component at the ideal temperature in just five minutes. This quick drying process reduces downtime so you can get back to cleaning as soon as possible and as efficiently as possible.

During the whole cleaning and drying process, the 720° Bi-directional Brush rotates both forward and backward, making it possible to deeply clean surfaces to an exceptional degree. What was the outcome? A constantly excellent performing brush roller that is cleaner, fluffier, and odorless. 

With the FLOOR ONE Stretch S6's FlashDry Self-cleaning technology, bid farewell to the hassle of manual cleaning and welcome a new era of effortless maintenance.




Advanced Cleaning Solutions


The FLOOR ONE Stretch S6 is equipped with numerous more cutting-edge technologies that are intended to enhance your cleaning experience.

One of these characteristics is the pioneering innovation Pouch Cell, which minimizes environmental waste and after-sale issues by tripling the battery lifespan when compared to conventional batteries.

Furthermore, the Tineco iLoop Smart Sensor powered floor washer's long-lasting runtime provides up to 40 minutes of nonstop cleaning. FLOOR ONE Stretch S6 is also equipped with Tineco’s MHCBS Technology, which allows for continuous cleaning with fresh water and a clean brush.




In conclusion, the FLOOR ONE Stretch S6's cutting-edge technologies and unique characteristics alter the expectations for home cleaning. With features like its FlashDry Self-cleaning technology, HyperStretch 180° lay-flat design, and cutting-edge cleaning solutions for reaching hidden spaces, it promises unmatched performance, simplicity, and efficiency for a cleaner, healthier home.

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